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It appears you have managed to slip through the cracks, into the space in between my pages, as it were.

I have been unable to find the content you are looking for. There are several possible reasons for this:

  1. The content doesn't exist,
  2. There was an error in the link you followed (or URL you typed), or
  3. I've somehow managed to screw the site up.

I can't do much for you in the first case, but we may be able to remedy the second case. First check for obvious mispellings in the URL. Next, make sure that there are no file extensions at the end of the URL (like .html, .htm, .php, .cgi, etc.)—URLs at will never end in a file extension (see below for more information on this). If you believe the third case is what has happened here, please contact me with the URL that brought you to this page.

If all else fails, you may just want to return to the main page and go from there.

Why are there no file extensions in Liminality?

I opted for a directory style structure for Liminality for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it makes the URL more logical and easier to remember. Much of the content here is dynamically generated, and URLs full of passed variables, etc., can get long and unsightly. Using a directory structure simplifies and shortens the URLs, which is a good thing.

Secondly, I wanted to make sure that links to Liminality content will never be outdated. If I change the technology used to generate this site in the future, any links that included a file extension for the old technology would break. As it is, my URLs are not dependent on the technology that runs the site, and should always be valid. This is another very good thing.

For these reasons, every URL you see in Liminality should end with a backslash, and never a file extension. (Oh, just for your information, a missing backslash may be bad form, but it won't actually break anything—you should still get to the content just fine.)